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Smart Professional in .NET


This course will cover the practical aspects of multi-tier application development using the .NET framework. The goal of this course is to introduce the students to the basics of distributed application development. We will introduce the students to Web Service development and .NET remoting. Technologies covered include the Common Language Runtime (CLR), .NET framework classes, C#, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET. We will also cover service oriented architecture, design, performance, security, content managements systems and deployment issues encountered in building multi-tier distributed applications.

Duration: 120 Hours


Introduction to C#,

Keywords | Data Types | Type Conversion

Variable | Constants

Working with Console Application in C#

Decision Making Statements | Looping Statements

Working with Console Application

Methods | Nullable and Null coalescing Operators

 Strings (Formatting String Concept)

Structures, Enum class | Access Modifiers

For Each, Type Out Parameters

Value, Reference Parameters

Boxing and Unboxing.

Introduction to oops Concept

Classes | Objects | Sealed and Partial Classes

Static Class and Methods | Interface

Abstract Class | Delegates | Namespaces

Constructors | Working With Arrays

Exception Handling | Collections in C# and Reflection

String Handling | String Builder

Array List | Sorted List

File Handling in C#

 Introduction with Window Applications

Working with Forms and Controls

 Windows Common Controls

Label | Textbox | Combo Box | Button | Group Box | Calendar

 Windows Common Controls Properties

Menu & Tool Bar Controls

 Working with Crystal Reports

Working with Crystal Reports -Table

 Working with Crystal Reports-Stored Procedure

Introduction to ADO.Net with Database Connectivity

Data Controls with ADO.NET.

Introduction to Asp.Net with Page Events

 Standard Controls | Validation Controls | Navigation Controls

 Login Controls | Data Controls

JavaScript Introduction

Validation | State Management Concepts

Authentication | Authorization | Master Pages in Asp.Net

Introduction to CSS with Types in Asp.Net

Types in CSS | Caching, Web services in Asp.Net

Introduction to AJAX and Working with Controls

LINQ and Working with Standard Query Operators

Implementing LINQ Concept

Introduction to WPF, and Working with WPF Controls

 Working With WPF (DML Operations)

 WCF Services | SQL introduction

Introduction to SQL and Working with Queries, SQL Commands:


 Working with SQL Constraints and Normal Forms, SQL Data Types and Operators

Working with Queries in SQL, Aggregate Functions

 Join Concepts | Working with Stored Procedures

 Triggers and Cursors

MVC Intro | ADO.Net Crud

Entity Framework CRUD | Telerik Controls

 Database Maintenance: Backup and Restore

Exit Profile

Software developer | .NET developer

C#.NET developer | ASP.NET developer

 Global Certification

70-483: Programming in C#

70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Career Guidence 

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