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There’s a reason why Python is so popular. It’s versatile, powerful, and a community of supporters makes it great as a first language. From web development to data visualization, start here if you want to become a programmer or do more with data. This course provides a complete understanding of application development on Python programming. Further it covers the concepts Advanced Python programming and implementation.

Duration: 90 Hours

Introduction to Python

Installation and Working with Python

Understanding Python variables

Python basic Operators

Understanding python blocks


Python Data Types

Declaring and using Numeric data types: int, float, complex

Using string data type and string operations

Defining list and list slicing

Use of Tuple data type

Flow Control

Conditional blocks using if, else and else if

Simple for loops in python

For loop using ranges, string, list and dictionaries

Use of while loops in python

Loop manipulation using pass, continue, break and else

Programming using Python conditional and loops block      

Functions, Modules and Packages

Organizing python codes using functions

Organizing python projects into modules importing own module as well as external modules

Understanding Packages

Powerful Lambda function in python

Programming using functions

Modules and external packages

Python String, List And Dictionary

Manipulations Building blocks of python programs

Understanding string in build methods

List manipulation using in build methods

Dictionary manipulation

Programming using string

List and dictionary in build functions        

Python File Operation Reading config files in python

Writing log files in python

Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines()

Understanding write functions, write() and writelines()

Manipulating file pointer using seek,Programming using file operations

OOPS Concept

Constructor, class attributes and destructors,

Real time use of class in live projects

Inheritance, overlapping and overloading operators

Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes

Programming using OOP's support

Python Regular Expression

Powerful pattern matching and searching

Power of pattern searching using regex in python

Real time parsing of networking or system data using regex, Password, email, url

Validation using regular expression

Pattern finding programs using regular expression

Python Exception Handling

Avoiding code break using exception handling

Safe guarding file operation using exception handling

Handling and helping developer with error code

Programming using Exception handling   

OS Services

OS module, Environment variables

Launching external commands walking directory trees

Paths, directories, and filenames

Working with file systems, Dates and time           

Python Database Interaction

SQL Database connection using python

Creating and searching tables

Reading and storing config information on database

Programming using database connections

Python Multithreading

Understanding threads

Forking threads

Synchronizing the threads

Programming using multithreading


Working with XML

DOM and SAX Introducing

Element Tree, Parsing XML

Navigating the document

Creating a new XML document JSON

Parsing JSON into Python

Converting Python into JSON


Contacting User through Emails Using Python Installing SMTP python module

Sending email

Reading from file and sending emails                   

Python CGI introductions

Writing python program for CGI applications

Creating menus and accessing files                       

Server client program

Introduction to Django

What is Django?

Django and Python

Django’s take on MVC: Model, View and Template

How to get and install Django

Getting started with Django

About the 3 Core Files:,,

Setting up database connections,

Managing Users & the Django admin tool

Installing and using ‘out of the box’ Django features

Django URL Patterns and Views

Designing a good URL scheme

Generic Views           

Django Forms

Form classes



Advanced Forms processing techniques

Django & REST APIs

Django REST framework


Unit Testing with Django

Overview / Refresher on Unit Testing and why it’s good

Using Python’s unit test2 library

Test, Test Databases, Dockets, Debugging Best Practices

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Python Developer

Python Programmer

 Global certification

Exam 98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python

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