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C / C++ with DS


Are you looking to learn programming but not sure how and where to start? Indra Institute C/C++ Programming Language course provides beginners with easy-to-follow instructions and an arsenal of resources to make them fluent in C language methodologies such as variables, data types, loops, arrays, OOP’S etc. The syllabus has been aligned with ‘C’ Programming Language Certified Associate & ‘C++’ Certified Associate Programmer offered by Pearson.

Duration: 30 Hours

Introduction of Programming Languages

Types of Languages

Evolution of 'C' Language

Structure of a ‘C’ Program

Executing and Debugging a ‘C’ Program

‘C’ Tokens

Keywords and Identifiers

Operators | Constants | Variables

Data Types | Precedence of Operators

Scope and Lifetime of Variables

Control Statement and Expressions

Decision Making using if, if …else block Switch case Block

Arithmetic Expressions | Evaluation of Expressions

goto statement | Looping

Concept of Loop | For loop

While loop | Do while loop

Jumping in Loop

Break and continue statement

Algorithms and Flowchart

Algorithms and Flowcharts (Definitions, Symbols)

Characteristics of an algorithm

Arrays and String

Introduction of Array

One - D Array | Two - D Array

Multidimensional Array | Dynamic Arrays

Implementing String Variables

String handling Functions


Concept of Function

User defined Function

System Defined Function

Types of parameter passing in function


Need of Pointers

Types of Pointers

Pointer Expression

Arrays of Pointers

Pointers and Functions

Structure and Unions

Need of Structure Implementing Structure Variable

Arrays of Structure

Structure within Structure

Introduction of Unions

Difference between Structure and Unions

File Handling using 'C'

Opening and Closing File

Input / Output operations on File

Random Access to Files

Command Line Arguments

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Implementing Malloc and Calloc Functions

Introduction of Data Structure

Concept of Data Structure

Types of Data Structure

Implementing Stack

Implementing Linked List


Introduction to Object Oriented Programming


Introduction of ‘C++’

Concept of OOP

Features of OOP

Structure of ‘C++’ program

Executing and Debugging

C++’ Tokens and Type Casting

 Keywords and Identifiers

Operators | Constants | Variables

 Data Types | Precedence of Operators

Scope and Lifetime of Variables

Classes & Objects

Classes & Object specifies

Defining data members and member functions

Array of objects

Managing console I/O

‘C++’ stream classes

Formatted and unformatted console I/O Usage of manipulators

Function ‘in ‘C++’

Call by reference, Return by reference

Function overloading and default arguments

Inline function

Static class members

Friend functions

Virtual Functions

Constructors and Destructor

Concept of Constructor

Types of Constructors

Memory allocation (new and delete)

Usage of destructor

Operator Overloading

Overloading Unary

Binary operators overloading using friend function


Types of inheritance

Virtual base classes and abstract base classes

Constructor and destructor in derived class

Working with files

File operations

File pointer and their manipulation

Exception Handling

Various Exception Handling classes

Implementing try and catch block

Use of throw keyword


Introduction to Templates

Class templates, function templates and overloading of function templates

Standard Template Library (STL)

Run Time Type Identification (RTTI)

Global Certification

‘C’ Programming Language Certified Associate

‘C++’ Certified Associate Programmer

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